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Babes and Biceps , Fit TV Network
Babes and Biceps, Fit TV Network, The Fit Expo
Fit TV Network is excited to present the return of the "Babes & Biceps" women's arm- wrestling contest! This fun and unique event will take place once again, and at the Los Angeles convention center during the Fit Expo on the attendee stage at 1pm! Registration is FREE and open to all women and fitness levels (sorry fella's, it's a women's contest). Contestants will be competing for a cash, products from participating sponsors and bragging rights to be the "Babes & Biceps" champion! Spaces are limited so, register for your spot now!
Read the contest rules and sign up below.

All contestants must be 18yrs of age or older.

All contestants must arrive at the attendee stage 15min prior to competition start time.

All contestants must sign a liability waiver.

During each round, contestants must both agree on using the same arm. If the contestants can't agree, then the judges will decide on your behalf at random.

Online registration closes on Saturday, January 14th, 2023. If spots are still available you may sign up only at the Fit Tv Network booth #1416 at the Los Angeles Fit Expo on Saturday, January 14th, 2023, until 12pm PST.


Competitors will have their opponents selected through a random name drawing by our judges.

The competition will consist of 3 rounds, preliminary, Semifinals and the finals. 
Preliminary Round - All contestants will compete against each other to advance to the semifinals. The number of contestants that will advance to the next round will be based upon those that win against their opponent. 

Semi Finals - The winning contestants from the previous round will compete against each other to advance to the finals. The two contestants that beat their opponents in the least amount of time will automatically advance to the final round. 

Final Round - The last two contestants will compete for the grand prize of cash, swag from participating sponsors and bragging rights for being the "Babes & Biceps" champ! 
In the event, that there is a draw due to time restraints then a winner will be chosen by the judges based on overall performance.

Babes and Biceps , Fit TV Network, Ashley King, David Christopher, Kendall Etchison

CONGRATULATIONS to Grace, our 2022 BABES & BICEPS Champion!

On Saturday, May 21st, 2022, fierce competitor Grace, beat out all of her competition at the Los Angeles Fit Expo, to take home the coveted title of Fit Tv Network "Babes & Biceps" champion! Grace also won over $500 worth of cash and supplements. The contest was amazing!

Babes and Biceps, Fit TV Network, The Fit Expo
Babes & Biceps , Anaheim - Fit Tv Networ

CONGRATULATIONS to our very first BABES & BICEPS Champion, Ashley Alaura! (2019 Winner)

On Sunday, June 2nd, Ashley Alaura, beat out 15 other strong and beautiful women at the Anaheim Fit Expo, to take home the coveted Fit Tv Network "Babes & Biceps" championship title, $300 cash and product from co-sponsor "Elixicure".The contest was exciting, fun and definitely, something to remember!

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