Influencer Fight League
IFL 2, Influencer Fight League 2, Instagram vs Tik Tok

"Instagram vs Tik Tok"


Fit Tv Network is proud to present the second installment of its Influencer Fight League, “Instagram vs Tik Tok.” The event is set to be a showcase of empowered women, featuring social media stars Amber Mezner (1.3m Tik Tok) vs Solene Velvet (283k Instagram) in a three round boxing exhibition for charity. Amber Mezner has become widely known for her fun and bubbly content across the Tik Tok platform, while her more edgier opponent Solene Velvet gained attention on the Instagram platform for her anime themed content and pushing the limits with the enormously popular prank group on youtube, “Top Notch Idiots.” If this was not already entertaining enough, the social media queens will not be the only women stepping in the ring as, they will have the support of Japanese Tik Tok sensation Miho Fuji vs Instagram starlet Nikki Hru in an opening bout set for three rounds. The event will also feature surprise musical performances and many of social medias top influencers in attendance.

Influencer Fight League, “Instagram vs Tik Tok” is proud to be benefitting the “Starts with One Today” charity. A wonderful nonprofit organization that helps feed and house the homeless in Los Angeles.


Sponsored by Deville and Manbutter

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Influencer Fight League


An epic showdown between todays top influencers, as they step inside the ring and compete in an exciting boxing, or mma exhibition. The best part is, we do it for charity. We use our influence to fight for good!

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