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Fit TV Network’s “Fit Fashion”

Out of the Ring and Onto the Runway: a Recap of Fit TV Network’s Fit Fashion

​In a characteristically bold move, Fit TV Network stepped out of the ring and onto the runway, hosting their first Fit Fashion event. Partnered with seasoned fashion show producer, Queen Sheba and her Model Mafia, Fit Fashion proved to be a major success. It was held in the intimate venue of Jagarhaus // Art & Design Gallery in Los Angeles and featured just under 100 models showcasing a plethora of designers from boxing apparel to lingerie to Fit TV Network’s own merchandise.

(Photo Credit: @Goldenhourpv)

The show opened with the beautiful strings of Leyla Fey, a violinist and model who dazzled the audience with her Kanye West and Rihanna covers. As she took her bow, Slush Ropes took the stage. They began their performance to introduce the fitness aspects of Fit Fashion and the innovative nature of the community by showcasing the versatility of their colorful ropes. Jax, a proficient Slush Ropes instructor, and Slush, the founder, amazed the audience with their athletic and artistic display.


(Photo Credit: Michele Marotta)

​Then the fashion began. First was the beautiful athletic brand of “Nature Beyond Threads”. The founder and designer, Noelle Kristine Damato, is a multidimensional artist who combines her multiple talents to create the unique pieces that graced the Fit Fashion runway. She begins her process as a photographer, taking stunning photos of different views within nature. She then utilizes these stunning images to create the patterns for Nature Beyond Threads, making each set a unique and direct display of nature’s beauty.


Nature Beyond Threads Designer, Noelle Kristine Damato

(Photo Credits: Michele Marotta)

​Next, we had the fighting fit boxing styles of “Styles Make Fights”. Designer, Chris Alexander, combines his love for boxing and his skilled eye for fashion, creating individualized designs for his fighters. Styles Make Fights allows each fighter to step into the ring feeling as though they are truly representing who they are. His designs are both innovative and powerful, ensuring every client a quality piece to help give them the confidence they need to step into the ring.


(Photo Credits: Michele Marotta)

​Showcasing a varied collection of merchandise, Fit TV Network finished the opening portion of the show. Founder and CEO of Fit TV Network, David Christopher, took a bow at the end, where he was met with generous applause. From there, more fashion oriented designs were showcased and the show went on.

All in all, Model Mafia and Fit TV Network put on an incredible event. With such a wonderful outcome, we are excited to see what Fit TV Network’s relationship with fashion grows into.

Special Thank you to our partners at Model Mafia


Written by Nikki Hru


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