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Fit TV gets Wowed at Comic Con LA

Fit TV Network went to LA Comic Con, and my goodness, was it amazing. For some, the idea of the fitness world and the nerd world overlapping is relatively comical. They are constantly posed as enemies in every cheesy high school movie or show. Brawn vs brain has been proposed as being diametrically opposed since cliques, cliches, and tropes were invented.

Yet, we see brands popping up all over that are marrying the two together. We are seeing video game inspired fitness wear.

Tik Toker, Maggie Roscher @magazine.rooster

Superhero based workouts. More and more, the line between the two groups is blurred. As one of those blurred lines myself, you can imagine my excitement to be attending LA Comic Con. Three days of pure nerdom with some fitness sprinkled in.

The main event for us, as Fit TV Network representatives (though I was just like a kid in a candy store for the entire weekend), was the live tapping of Women of Wrestling (WOW).

It was incredible! The first day, we got to meet the very sweet and agile, Americana, and the wickedly intelligent Samantha Smart.

(Left) Americana, (Right) Nikki Hru

Sadly, they did not compete in the WOW Championship Spectacular, but they were kind enough to speak with us. Those we did see compete, though, were all insanely talented. We saw Kandi Krush stand up against Chainsaw. Coach Campanelli and Randi Rah Rah took on the Miami Sweet Heat, while Lana Star antagonized from the side.

(Left-Right) Coach Campanelli and Randi Rah Rah

The Miami Sweet Heat

Then we saw an all out brawl between Foxxy Fierce, Robbie Rockette, Tiki Chamorro, Penelope Pink, Vivian Rivera, and Crystal Waters. It was absolute mayhem and a display of pure talent and athleticism that got the entire crowd invested.

Obviously, we cannot tell you who won or how the fights went. For that, you will need to watch the WOW official showing. What I can tell you, though, is that you do not want to miss it. The back and forth was beyond exciting to watch and the crowd was like a live wire. We were even lucky enough to interview both Kandi Krush and Americana,

Outside of that, Comic Con as a whole was just an amazing experience. Sadly, we missed certain panels and shows, such as the “Talking Fit” podcast and the stunt work of Swordplay LA, that would have been wonderful to see. Still, seeing everyone in cosplay, the incredible artwork, the amazing vendors and shows; LA Comic Con was a wonderful time for our team. And if you’re curious, I cosplayed as Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft and HBO’s Harley Quinn, and yes, it was awesome.

Nikki Hru


Written by Nikki Hru

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