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Fit Tv Network catches waves with The Brothers Marshall (BMMCC)

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

From the Muscle Beaches of Venice and Santa Monica to the famous waves of Malibu, fitness and surfing have been a fundamental part of SoCal culture for the last century. It only makes sense that Fit Tv Network would be catching waves with the newly established The Brothers Marshall (BMMCC). On Saturday, April 9th, 2022, it was the grand opening of the first ever The Brothers Marshall (BMMCC) brand retail location and cultural center in Malibu featuring Vast, an independent lifestyle brand founded in Los Angeles with global connections to Asia and Australia.

Pictured: David Christopher (CEO, Fit Tv Network) and John Ito (Head of Marketing, VAST)

This momentous event showcased incredible art on display and had the "who's who" of Surf and Skateboarding in attendance. A testament to Southern California surfer history, BMMCC is more than the average surf shop. With walls covered in art and racks filled with the latest surf and skate fashion, BMMCC was an interactive museum of surf culture.

Their artists included legendary names such as Rick Rubin, Jonah Hill, and Steve Olsen. In attendance of this grand opening, Fit Tv Network was honored to celebrate this soon to be cultural staple with incredible members of the community, such as Fabian Alomar, legendary professional skateboarder turned actor.

As a Los Angeles based company ourselves, the attention and care BMMCC has put into celebrating SoCal culture was an incredible experience.


keep up with BMMCC and Vast on their social media :

Brothers Marshall


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