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Fit TV Network’s Babes and Biceps Returns to The Fit Expo LA

This year’s LA Fit Expo was incredible! After an uncertain couple years, and a slow progression back into normal vitality within every industry, it was wonderful to see The Fit Expo back in its full glory. While the Fit TV Network team set up the day before, we could feel the incredible excitement as each booth was built into full displays of each unique brand. We could not wait for the following day, when we would be hosting our annual Babes and Biceps Contest.

Saturday came and it was bursting with energy as the diverse group of fitness enthusiasts came in.

Our booth was taking in last minute signups for our Babes and Biceps contest, leading workouts decided by a spinning wheel, and entering people into our raffle. On top of that, our partner, Zonework, had "Bob" set up and we were having an amazing time with people going rounds with him. It was absolutely hectic and a great build up to our contest.

We set up the stage with a professional arm wrestling table, and our first place prize on display. The contest was sponsored by Bolster Beauty, giving our first place winner a beautiful bag of product, along with $100. The Babes and Biceps hosts -Nora Villalobos, Kendall Etchison, and Nikki Hru- took the stage and began calling up our contestants.

As the competitors moved through the bracket, there were multiple shocking outcomes. From women beating women who were twice their size, to our winner from last year being knocked out in the first round. It was truly an event to keep you on your toes.

Nothing was more surprising though than our winner: Lisa. At 58 years old, on the day before her birthday, Lisa decided to join our contest just to prove she could. And believe me, she could and she did. She was unstoppable with the quickest victories in the contest. She was a surprising force.

(Left- Right: Nikki Hru, B&B winner Lisa, David Christopher, Nora Villalobos, Kendall Etchison)

We finished the day by announcing our raffle winner, and then got ready for day two, which was just as wonderful. We saw the Fit TV Network team, Nikki Hru and Charlie Marshall, dominate at the very intense bouncy ball relay.

(Nikki Hru and Charlie Marshall take 1st place in Fit Expo Games Bouncy Ball relay race)

A race up a rock climbing wall by Fit TV Network affiliates, including the founder and CEO, David Christopher. Another raffle, and a multitude of interviews of other incredible fitness brands. It was a full day of excitement and community. We’re already so excited for the next one. Hopefully, we’ll see you all there.


Written By Fit TV Network writer, Nikki Hru

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