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IFL 3: An Explosive Success!

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

IFL3 has officially wrapped and what a show it was! Every one of our competitors has trained hard this last month and it showed in the ring. Twelve incredible fighters stepped in and stepped up; five stepped out of the ring victoriously, five came down defeated, and two walked away with uncertainty.

Our first fight was Geo vs Daddy Dios. Geo came out first to the blue corner, with Daddy Dios following to the red.

Proclaimed as the underdog, Geo claimed the biggest upset of the evening as he defeated Daddy Dios with a unanimous decision from our judges.

Following this Cinderella story, we had our first female matchup of the night. Sabrina “The Animal” Persona made her way to the blue corner, with Silvia “Mom” Figueroa in the red. Though height and reach were on Persona’s side, Figueroa came in close and came in hard, securing her well-earned victory.

These powerhouse women set the bar right before our Bad Girls finally entered the ring. Meeko Taylor, blue corner, took on Key Marie, red corner.

Proving a little skittish in the ring, Meeko Taylor was seen dancing around her opponent, forcing Key Marie into a chase that would ultimately lead to Key Marie’s victory.

If these two baddies weren’t enough, we then watched as Lucky Hustle and Drea Dominque came into the ring. Both bad. Both beautiful. Both out for blood.

Lucky and Drea were both fierce competitors in the ring, but only one could walk out with her fist raised in victory. That one was Lucky Hustla.

Then we entered the highly anticipated stand off between rivals, God Carleon and BDave. God Carleon was in the blue corner. BDave was in the red corner.

God Carleon would hit. B Dave hit back. The back and forth was unreal and unprecedented by any of the evening’s earlier fights.

The tension was unparalleled as the crowd stood to their feet, demanding another round after the final bell rung. No amount of discussion could lead the judges to a definite decision.

In the end, a tie was called. So the question still remains, who is truly the better man, the better influencer, the better fighter?

Finally, the main event of the night came after an incredible performance by Curtis and Monarch Young. As if stepping out of Rocky 4 itself, Viktor Drago took the red corner, with Chino Tv taking the blue.

A grueling fight, nobody could have predicted the absolute chaos that would ensue. Sweat was flying with each punch, as if creating a halo of pain and determination around the fighters. In the end, life imitated art, and Drago took the victory, much to Chino Tv’s dismay.

A lively post fight interview made waves through the crowd, as words continued to be thrown after the final bell, finishing the evening on a lively note.


Fit Tv Network Staff


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