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Social Gloves: Knockout or Knocked out?

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

On the night of September 10th, 2022 Fit TV Network had the privilege of attending “Social Gloves: No More Talk”. With correspondent, Nikki Hru, and Fit TV Network founder, David Christopher, we got a first hand look into a highly publicized fight. And what a night it was! The crowd covered a fraction of the Banc of California Stadium with an intimate attendance of roughly 1200-1500 people. We saw internet sensation Anna Akana, controversial superstar Chris Brown, MMA legends Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, boxing champion Fernando Vargas, and Influencer Fight League’s own God Carleon and BDave. With an incredible crowd, the energy around the ring was electric, with hopes of the fights being so as well.

(Pictured: David Christopher, Nikki Hru)

Every walkout began with smoke and a song, a classic entrance for any fighting exhibition. The theatrics were more than entertaining and definitely got the crowd involved. However, the fights themselves were lackluster in terms of the excitement one usually expects in combat sports. The most heart filled fight was actually in the opening card rather than the main events.

We saw Walker vs Sixto, with Walker walking away as the winner. Both fighters kept going as if on endless energy. Hands were thrown back and forth without much hesitation or dead time in between. The fighters themselves were giving it their all, and it clearly showed throughout the match. Walker was decidedly the winner, leaving him undefeated.

(Pictured: Jalen Walker)

(Pictured: Moises Sixto)

(Pictured Left to Right : Moises Sixto, Jalen Walker)

As one of the first highlighted fights, we saw The Challenge’s Cory Wharton stand in the ring against Too Hot to Handle’s Chase Demoor. With heated pre fight interviews leading up to the fight, we all anticipated explosive action. While definitely entertaining, with a stand still that included a little dancing in the middle, the fight itself seemed to lack the confidence found in more experienced fighters, with their clear focus being to “put on a show". That being said, they both showed a lot of heart and dedication. It will be exciting to see how they both grow as fighters with time. This exhibition surely made for an educational debut.

(Pictured: Cory Wharton)

(Pictured: Chase Demoor)

(Pictured left to right: Cory Wharton, Chase Demoor)

(Pictured left to right: Cory Wharton, Chase Demoor)

NFL showdown, Peterson vs Bell, was also a bit hesitant. While we didn’t see a particularly large amount of landed blows, what we did see was phenomenal defense and great ducking and weaving. The former NFL stars stayed light on their feet and kept their hands high. That being said, there was not much offense going on outside of the occasional burst. Those occasional bursts though did lead to a decisive conclusion. While Peterson saw a small victory in the beginning of the fight, bringing Bell to the ground, it was actually Bell who walked away with a TKO victory. A series of 5 relatively uneventful rounds was brought to an end with one perfectly landed blow by Bell.

(Pictured: Adrian Peterson)

(Pictured: LeVeon Bell)

(Pictured left to right: Adrian Peterson, LeVeon Bell)

(Pictured: LeVeon Bell throws a knockout punch)

Of course we have younger brother McBroom vs Saleh, which ended in a draw. This fight was defined by tie ups, where both fighters were consistently found in need of being broken up by the ref. McBroom showed great defense, his hands rarely falling and his feet seldomly staying still. That being said, Saleh still managed to corner McBroom. While both fighters came to win and prove something, both walked away unvindicated.