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Unity Day LA, July 4th!

4th of July: a day of family, fireworks and, evidently, fights. Fit TV Network had the incredible opportunity to attend the Unity Day L.A., an event that Fit TV affiliate, Princess Va’Shion, was an instrumental part in promoting. Once our team at Fit TV heard there was a celebrity boxing match with legendary names like the Mosley and Mayweather families, we knew we had to go.

A packed card, we saw absolute powerhouse boxers, such as “Chop Chop” Corley and Devon “The Great” Alexander. Then of course we had the pleasure of seeing the celebrities themselves decking it out, with names like Aaron Carter and Darris Love, Concrete and J Valentino. Even the police got involved as Pomona Police decked it out with the L.A. County Sheriffs. It was a sight to see, to say the least.

I would offer commentary of my own, but the commentators of the day had far more to offer. The commentator table was as star studded as the card itself. First off, the fighters had the privilege of being watched by boxing coach and 8 time Boxing World Title holder, Larry Wade (@coachlarrywade). Larry Wade is not only a friend to Fit TV, but also an HOF inductee and philanthropist. Moving down the table, we had Kaliesha (@ West, a former world champion with over 20 years of boxing experience. Now a multi-business owner and dabbling in fighter management, Kaliesha’s insight on the fights was endlessly valuable. Lastly, but far from least, Shawn Porter (@showtimeshawnp). Shawn is a two-time Welterweight World Champ, adding incredible depth to each fight.

Fit TV Network was honored to able to take part in this spectacular event. The musical performances were amazing. The boxing matches themselves were knockouts. The commentators were insightful. It was truly a 4th of July to remember.

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